4 Ways to Decorate Your Business Office to Increase Comfortability & Productivity

We spend a third of our lives at work. In the office, productivity, creativity and socialisation are required. The design of an office can have a huge impact on how a person feels and thinks.

If you haven’t been aware of how your mood is affected by different circumstances, you’ve probably tried to compete for the window seat or wished you could add some colour to the walls. This is an indication of your psychological need for a space that is comfortable for you.

This is not just for workers. Employers must be careful that they expect to be happy at work for thousands of years and look for experience, not just a paycheck.

Giving your employees the opportunity to decorate their offices will not only make them feel more fulfilled at work and create a better company culture, but it will also save you money as unhappy employees are more likely to take more sick days and be less productive.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you can make a positive difference in your office space and make everyone feel happy when they’re there.

Here are four ideas to make your office a more comfortable place to work.

Use Things That Symbolise Something

Bring a photo stand, plants, decorative cup holders, lamps, etc. When you decide what your workspace looks like, you’ll be more engaged with your team and your productivity will increase by up to 32%.

As an employer, you should give your employees a certain amount of freedom in how they view the workplace.

The go-getter has family photos, sticky notes and healthy snacks on her desk. See how your workspace matches your productivity.

Use Windows and Indoor Plants

With no windows of plant, all workers feel trapped inside some sort of prison cell. No one wants that, and no one will want to work productively in such an office space.

Of course, one wants to go outside and look out a window on the blackboard with a beautiful view of the landscape. That is because the sight of nature calms the mind.

Do you have any windows? Bring nature with you. A nearby facility can help you recover from hard activities and reduce your stress level.

Are you afraid it will wither away? Try some stress-free plants. Otherwise, go get some flowers at this website. They are amazing florists who we have personally worked with, and the whole experience was flawless!

Pay Attention to Colour, Lighting and Shape

Different colours have different effects on our performance. Blue and green seem to stimulate our creativity, and red helps us pay attention to detail. Lighting is also an important factor. While a bright atmosphere helps to stimulate analytical and evaluative thinking, subdued lighting promotes freedom and thus creativity.

Using circles and avoiding squares creates a cosy space and triggers brain activity, which is associated with reward and aesthetic appreciation. Sitting in a circle also promotes cooperation and teamwork. In this, King Arthur seemed to be ahead of the game.

Make a Plan First.

You can’t decide how it should look? You don’t want to repair a hole or return something you just bought? I see.

My wife and I have just started renting our first house, and we like it very much. The whole place is light brown (walls, couch, carpet, tiles) and we wanted to make it more comfortable and colourful by adding some shelves. We thank the landlord for allowing us to drill holes in the wall! Of course we only took a picture of it once.

Of course it was a one-time deal, but when my wife started to explain her idea to me, I was worried how my room would look like. To solve this, I decided to create a plan.

We uploaded a picture from the wall, made a rectangle, tanned it to look like a shelf, and then changed the size and position until I thought it was right.

You can also find a wire mesh or use a pegboard to create your own space. This way you can move your decorations without worrying about the result, and you can change the arrangement as much as you like.

When you are faced with tight schedules, landlord constraints and budgets, it is difficult to make the design of your office space a priority. But owning your own office space, including nature, playing with light and colour and creating a modular way of decorating are four simple steps that can do a lot to keep you and your staff productive and happy.

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