How to Learn Graphic Design Online & Easily: 2020 Guide

Communication has always been an important part of the life of human beings. Ancient Egyptian art that began in the 21st century revolved around communicating with symbols and art. To this day, visual communication holds significance in our lives. If someone wants to learn how to communicate with others then learning graphic design can be a key. Graphic design aids you to communicate with other people that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. 

How does Graphic Design make you feel?

Learning graphic design can create a positive impression about you. Whether you are an artist, marketing team member, or a business person. The first thing people usually notice about a product is their logo or visual advertising. The first impression holds significance in the minds of people. If the graphics are aesthetic, it will create a positive image of a product in the market. 

How does learning Graphic Design make you look?

Learning graphic design makes you look professional! When companies are hiring designers, they look for designers who are professionals in their field. The designers who create high-grade designs are considered to be more reliable. The way you present yourself always matters!

Graphic Design is a summary!

Most people do not like to look at the boring and long product descriptions. When people want to buy something they prefer looking at a beautiful image that serves the same purpose. Graphic Designers hold an important place in the marketing world. 

Importance of a Graphic Design Portfolio

Having a portfolio is very important for graphic designers or any other person working in a creative field. Having a portfolio is the best way to showcase your creativity and talent. It is a fact that the potential client cannot comprehend what your capabilities are without seeing live samples of your work. 

There are two places where you can have a graphic design portfolio:

  • Online
  • Offline

Online portfolios are a top trend in this decade. Due to this advancing era, clients and designers have shifted on the internet. The Internet is the best place to interact with potential clients by showcasing your online design portfolio to them. You simply just have to send a link to your clients and that it! You will receive requests of clients for work even when you are away or sleeping!

Offline portfolios are great if you have to meet your clients face to face. It proves to be very handy to discuss your talents and capabilities while showing them your work. Having a physical portfolio is a must if you plan to go to conferences or interviews. 

What to keep in mind while designing a portfolio?

When designing the perfect portfolio, designers should keep in mind the diversity of the audience. A design portfolio must be adaptable to all different types of clients and should be a problem solver!

The digital design courses are Blue Sky Graphics aid you to unlock your creativity and get those creative juices flowing! No matter if it is a hobby, career development, or, improving skills, we are here of you!

Joining the graphic design courses are the Blue Sky Graphics is the ideal chance for you to learn the best and most professional graphic design courses of the industry including:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2019
  • Adobe InDesign CC 2019

Over the years, we have acquired the perfect approach to teaching these professional certifications. These design certifications are even more fruitful when all three of them are learned together! When all three of them are combined, they create a blend of powerful creativity for the workflow of graphic designers. 

If you are looking to enhance or generate your position in the graphic design industry then these courses at the Sky Blue Graphics are the perfect opportunity for you. The new skills that you will learn with these courses will aid you to present yourself professionally. 

Gone are the days when people had to opt for a four or five-year degree to pursue a career in graphic design. Times sure have changed and now all you need to do is learn our professional certifications and you are good to go! Create aesthetically pleasing designs and work for your clients or your hobby. There are no limitations in the world of graphic design now!

What knowledge you will gain from us?

  • You will learn the application of these professional design softwares and how they can be used. 
  • The differences between the three of them.
  • Performance of this software in professional life. 
  • Getting used to the UI (User-Interface) of these design software.
  • Keyboard short cut keys used in these applications.
  • Color modes.
  • Different types of formats of files.
  • Pixels and vector graphics.
  • Learning how to work in multiple layers.
  • Learning Adobe Creative Cloud features.

You can master all the required skills for graphic design with us. 

Private Tutor Facility:

By learning with us, you get a private course instructor. Having a private teacher has its perks. Learning is a classroom can be hard because all students are unable to get the same attention and advice from the instructor. By registering with our professional graphic design application certification at the Sky Blue Graphics, you do not have to worry about that! Our tutors are always available for your questions and queries regarding the course.

The tutor will teach you about the following things:

  • How much salary you should expect at the initial stage and a further period.
  • Tricks to get clients online as a freelancer.
  • How a designer, new in this industry can find more work. 
  • How to perfectly blend into the world of graphic designers.
  • How to manage freelancing and working in a professional studio at the same time. 

Our classes are more than just hypothesis and practice. By joining our professional certification you will gain advice, tips, and tricks from professional graphic designers. 

The new skills you will gain by learning these certifications are:

  • Learning how to start your own graphic design project.
  • Editing of images in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.
  • Photo manipulation in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.
  • Learning how to create beautiful vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator CC 2019.

You can register yourself for this professional design certification right now and get a head start on beckoning the graphic designer of your dreams!

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