How to Use Instagram for Business to Convert Sales and Drive Traffic: The Ultimate 5 Step Guide

Would you like to sell more of your products or services through Instagram? Are you looking for ideas to help you increase your sales?

In this article, you will learn how to promote a customer-friendly Instagram presence, and use instagram for business to convert sales and drive more traffic to your site.

Turn your business Instagram profile into a showcase

The first step in turning your Instagram followers into customers is to create a creative profile to attract the attention of the buyer.

In your biography, greet the customers in your store and include a clear call to action. Adding a phone number is also helpful so that customers can contact you if they ever need anything. You may also want to offer an incentive such as free shipping.

If you regularly post stories on Instagram Stories, you should create highlight albums with your offers, new products and more. Keep your highlight albums simple with attractive covers.

Clothing brand Liv3 presents newcomers on their profile in an Instagram Highlight Album. It’s strategically placed so Instagram makers can see what’s new when they land on their profile. Followers who like the brand have an incentive to return to the profile so they can search for new things.

clothing is a visual product

Professional tip 1: You can find some nice stats on your competitors and what they do so well with an instagram search of their profile. Ingramer then uses its tool to come up with statistics, which you can try to replicate to grow your sales.

Professional tip 2: Get inspired by going to your local department store and looking at the storefronts from the street. What catches your eye? How do the displays drive pedestrian traffic into the store? Watch out for any visual tricks the store uses, special offers in the window and the “this just arrived.” Think about how these tactics can be applied to your Instagram business profile.

Label your business Instagram profile and posts for easy identification

To stand out from the crowd, you should have a consistent brand message. Branding your profile is an essential part of your Instagram presence.

Shake Shack’s Instagram account is well branded. Note the colour samples for each highlight album and the unique style of the product photos.

Here are some ways to brand your profile and content for easy recognition.

Develop a signature style with your photos

One way to increase brand awareness is to publish images with a uniform recognition value. Because Instagram is a visual platform, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to photograph your products, or the budget for a photographer to take pictures of your products or services. (Some photographers work on a budget between $500 and $1,000 per day). If you plan carefully, you can generate enough content for several months.

Use a brand colour scheme

To develop a visual style for Instagram, choose distinctive colours to represent your profile. You can emulate your logo colours and use combination colours for your posts, or perhaps choose a checkerboard pattern of color combinations to increase visual interest. Blue is good for B2B sites and green for environmentally friendly profiles. Experiment with different color combinations to see what works for you.

Integrate brand elements into your Instagram content.

Put your supporters in the spotlight by creating a branded corporate culture. I recommend creating a storyboard with a lifestyle scenario. Add specific brand elements that represent your company. To illustrate: Shake Shack images tell a story. The inspiring photography makes you want to bite into a burger!

instagram business page

Choose hashtags that represent your brand.

Hashtags are mass unifications and help reinforce your message to a wider audience.

Build a list of hashtags that represent your brand, then research them to determine their popularity with Instagram. You may want to select long-tail hashtags or combined hashtags that are not as saturated (e.g., #ShakeShackBurger instead of #Burger). These appeal to a smaller, more targeted audience.

Besides searching for the right hashtags you can also select brand hashtags. Branded hashtags will drive your posts and increase the awareness and recognition of your company, so use them throughout your profile. As users start to recognise your products, the hashtags should gain momentum.

If you’re not sure which brand hashtags to use, use the name of your product and add a relevant term, such as #EcoFriendlyYourName or #YourCompanyShoes. You should also use hashtags that help you to be discovered when people search for your product or service on Instagram, such as #HairGroomingService or #BambooBrush.

Bind buyers with personal Instagram content

An Instagram content strategy and brand profile will help build relationships with future customers. Since customers are bombarded with so many different messages, you don’t have much time to grab their attention, let alone make them comfortable. Why should they prefer your company to others?

The relationship between your company and the buyers is crucial to the sale. To build a relationship, you want to make sure that buyers feel at home. The content and reputation of your Instagram is your bestselling tool.

Develop a unique brand voice

Develop a personal voice for your brand to connect with your followers on a human level. Using emoticons in your captions will help make your brand more likeable and accessible, just like a sales professional in a store.

You should also share videos of people using your products. If consumers can visualise themselves using your products, you will have motivated buyers and a better chance of making a sale. GIFs and videos work on any social media platform, and Instagram stories add personality to your content.

Share your business philosophy and passion

What does your company stand for? Find a meaning for your company and a reason for your existence. Think about what inspires you to sell your products. For example, if you run a family business, you promote continuity or family tradition.

Doing good and giving back are effective ways to get in touch with customers, but instead of commercialising something, you should choose something you care about. Do you love animals? Craft Instagram Posts about your love for them. Showcase your products with pets and promise a local pet shelter a percentage of your sales. If sustainable living is your thing, choose environmentally friendly posts.

In other words, customise your content to your favourite pastime. You will find followers based on common interests. They will connect with you because you stand for what you stand for.

personal instagram

If you have a clear mission, it is easier to connect on a human level with your Instagram followers and thus establish a relationship. Use your Instagram account to be that friendly salesman.

Professional tip 3: Beware of strong political statements and topics that can be polarising. Keep things simple and friendly.

Support and reward influential brand advocates

Flattery will get you everywhere! Your brand advocates play an important role in social selling; they are the ones who tell your story the way you see and experience it. Re-publishing their content is a powerful sales tool. Not only do you share the approval of customers for your products, but you also show your appreciation by recognising these customers in social media. It’s like a thank you for the purchase.

Create real-world scenarios that encourage advocates to represent your brand and share their love for your products. You can do this by supporting them, celebrating them and offering them perks and benefits. If you show them gratitude and consideration for who they are, you will get everywhere. It encourages them not only to embrace your brand, but also to extend it to their own networks of followers.

Manage the shopping experience on Instagram

Here are some ways you can manage the shopping experience on Instagram to turn interest into sales.

Mark products in your business Instagram posts

With an Instagram business account, you can tag your products in your posts. Take full advantage of this feature by adding all of your products to Instagram via Shopify or a shopping cart of your choice. This allows your followers to easily view prices and product details. Please note that you must be set up and approved to purchase from Instagram.

When you click on the shopping bag icon in this item, a mini-catalogue of products will be displayed. Buyers have the product information at their fingertips so they don’t have to search for it.

Use Instagram to increase business sales

How do you get consumers to want the item you sell at Instagram? Well, the above tactics will help you put yourself in the best possible position for a sale. Now you need to close the sale.

The “sweet spot” is the offering of a product that is uniquely necessary for the buyers. What happens at this time of year? Look for seasonal ideas and try to make yourself useful. If they need it, they will buy! Here is an example of a place that is committed and also offers a useful item:

instagram for business

If you sell a fashion item such as shoes, suggest a way for users to wear the shoes and combine them with other products you offer. A summer dress can be worn together with a handbag and sandals for a barbecue party or the happy hour at the office. Putting your buyer in the spotlight will make the transaction easier. If a buyer points out the scenario and the product is useful, the sale will be a little easier.

Provide contact information

When an Instagram follower makes a purchase, you must be available to answer questions about the transaction. Give customers a way to contact you so they can be sure you are there for them if they have a problem.

In the Liv3 biography below, they have provided a phone number for orders and the action button Call. Add an email or phone number in your own profile to give customers additional ways to contact you.

Promote your business with Instagram Advertising

Let’s be honest. Having a great product and great content is good, but it isn’t enough to skyrocket your sales. Instagram can be very good for driving more sales using advertising – but only if done right.

You should first consider what is unique about Instagram, and why that makes it the best sales channel for you. Instagram is extremely visual. After all, it’s a platform for people to share photos and videos.

Instagram has a young demographic, and people visit Instagram to relax and watch some surprising/entertaining content. Therefore, finance and Instagram, for example, don’t mix – or at least, not well. If advertising on Instagram, your product should be visual. Think sport, food and travel.

Once you have created something which would catch someone’s eye, even while scrolling through their feed, then, and only then, can you press the promote button.

If you want to find other ways to grow your customer base, I recommend you check out my article on that:

In conclusion

Instagram’s visual appeal makes it a go-to channel for sellers to reach potential customers, and it’s an ideal platform to tell your brand’s story in a compelling way.

To turn an Instagram follower into a loyal customer, it’s important to create content that speaks to potential customers in your own unique brand voice, and your products will better appeal to consumers if they can visualise using those products in their own lives. Here’s a quick formula to remember when building your Instagram store:

Good Content + Trust + Ease of Purchase = Sale

If you know your audience, you can cater to their wants and needs and make an emotional connection that’s critical to making the sale.

Instagram’s visual appeal makes it a “sales channel” for salespeople to reach potential customers. It is also the ideal platform to tell your brand story in a convincing way.

To transform your Instagram followers into loyal customers, it is important to create content that attracts potential customers with your unique brand voice. Your product will have a better appeal if you can imagine consumers using it in their own lives.

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