Marcus Kitzmann’s Company TopGraphs and What it Can Do for Your Stock Portfolio

TopGraphs has evaluated more than 150,000 listed companies and their profiles in 91 markets and has converted the collected data into easily understandable infographics. The investor only has to go to his site and see at a glance which companies he would benefit from an investment or that a company could be a good investment opportunity for him.

TopGraphs: A Step Closure to Become A Successful Investor -

It has revolutionary focus features. After in-depth market and financial analysis of more than 150,000 stocks from 91 markets, TopGraphs has transformed the critical data into easy-to-understand charts. It only takes a few seconds for investors to narrow down their choice to the investment option that best suits them. Instead of being confused by a million different options on the table and wasting valuable time going through them all alone, TopGraphs lets investors do all the work and provides the most transparent and relevant data necessary to boost investor confidence in equity investments.

What TopGraphs will do for investors

  • Analyze thousands of stocks in seconds
  • Make the best predictions
  • Provide a 20-year fundamental trend that predicts the estimated value of the stocks
  • Give investors 150,000 shares from 91 different markets to invest
  • Provide all information on derivatives to investors in easily accessible and understandable charts

TopGraphs offers investors the fairest values for a safe and secure future return. In a matter of seconds, investors can examine the relationship between the performance of the company and the development of the share price. TopGraphs diagrams also contain key company information that could influence the value of the shares. Information that investors need and should know to make the wisest and most informed investment decisions.

It gives investors the privileges of

  • Faster analysis
  • Better return
  • Less risk

This software is available in several languages to enable and promote access around the world. It is equipped to support languages such as English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

The analysis it contains also takes into account the currently undervalued stocks. With its expert data processing it shows whether undervalued stocks will sooner or later return to fair value and TopGraphs shows you how much return you can expect from your investment. A very recent example of this is the Unum Group, which shows that investors can expect a 144% return on their investment in the foreseeable future. The risk analysis of the eligible result has also shown, and this proves that the company is on a solid foundation and offers a safe investment.

TopGraphs does not involve any agents, financial advisors or third parties with the intention of making a profit on a person’s investment decisions. Interested investors have direct access to the software for all information, and without any profit motive they can expect complete honesty and transparency in the information provided to them.

On Marcus Kitzmann

Marcus Kitzmann

After many years of experience as an investor, Marcus always thought that the analytical softwares were all missing something. Even though they helped, he thought that he could revolutionise the industry by making something even more helpful, faster, safer and better. After all the dedication and software building, Marcus Kitzmann has clearly accomplished something special.

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