Starting A Small, Successful Business from Home: The 6 Steps All Entrepreneurs Should Take

Starting a business is a challenge. There are so many things to consider and plan for when starting a small, soon-to-be successful business from home. However, it doesn’t need to be this way.

An organised plan can make all of the difference in reducing the work and frustration involved with starting a company. In this guide, you will find out the necessary steps to create your own successful business from home.

With the introduction out of the way, we can get straight to how to start a small, successful business from home.

Understand What Starting A Business Means

Commitment. I would say that is probably the most important concept you, as an entrepreneur, need to understand.

It doesn’t matter if your business isn’t going to be the next Amazon. Every business, big or small, requires dedication and a good work ethic.

What does this mean?

Well, if you are going to need that incredible commitment I refer to, you need to find a business idea which actually works for you.

You can’t spend many hours on something that you don’t really enjoy. Think about what you like doing. Do you like manual labour? Maybe you prefer the web?

In any case, finding something you like is crucial for having a business people will want to come back to. If they see the life draining from you as you complete their task – will they come back?

Use your skills to your advantage. If you are creative, come up with a smarter way to do things. Like doing small, manual tasks? Create a business where that actually matters!

If you use your skills to your advantage, it will be easier for you to actually enjoy what you are doing. Not only that, but customers will be a lot more satisfied.

Define your vision for the business. You need to think about exactly what you want your business to be, or at least be known as.

Maybe you want your business to be a cute store off the local high street. Whatever your ambition is, though, you need a meticulous vision for it.

How much are you expecting to earn? If you need resources, where would you get them from? And how much would that cost?


Where am I getting with this? You need a business plan. More on that later, though. Think about what your business is to be.

It is essential for you to reach your goals – but first, you need to have goals. Sounds simple, right? Yet, it’s extremely important.

Come Up With A Great Company Name

I cannot overstate the importance of having a good business name. It can have a significant effect on your success.

However, a bad name would ruin everything. Can you think about a bad business name right now?

Well, it’s probably quite hard. Most of them never made it as far as actually advertising because their names were so hard to memorise, or no one actually wanted to buy from them.

Not only that, but it can have terrible legal repercussions. No one wants to get sued for copying someone else’s name!

To avoid all of this trouble, it is essential to google your proposed business name to check that no one has taken it already.

What next?

Make sure that the name is not too long, or, at least, is quite catchy. You don’t want something with too many consonants, as that is often quite hard to remember. Catchy does it best!

Try not to pick a name that could limit your growth as you start doing so. Here’s what I recommend:

Come in contact with a person from your target audience, and present to them with 5 names you came up with. Do this a few times.

Once you have gathered the data, pick whatever name they liked most, even if it is one of your least favourite. Remember – a business is more about your audience than it is about you.

Don’t spend too long on this process, though. Spend more time focusing on the things I mention in the upcoming steps.

Create A Fantastic Website

Your website is like your business’ second face. It is as important as anything else when it comes to generating leads, building a good customer relationship and getting people to buy your product.

The thing is…

Do you often buy from a website which looks like it: a) was designed in 2004 or b) was created in less than 10 minutes?

The answer, unless if there was an amazing template for b), is probably no. You wouldn’t give these sites your e-mail or any information, really.

These simple questions really do prove my point: you need to have a clean-looking website to actually do well.

That doesn’t mean hire a $1000/hour freelancer to do it for you. You can create an amazing website with little to no knowledge of WordPress, which has plugins and themes that do most of the work for you.

Spend a few hours customising them, using your colours on the site and other tweaks to make your site look perfect.

Once again…

You need to have a fabulous, clean site if you want to look good, drive sales and get to know your customers better.

Build an Amazing Product / Service

When starting your business, you need something to make you stand out. There are many ways to do this.

But, firstly…

Make sure nobody has got the same product/service you are offering! There has to be differentiation. Here’s how to do that:

Number 1: Make your product/service of a higher quality than that of your competitors. An outstanding one of these easily makes you remembered. People also tend to switch for better quality services.

Number 2: Make your product/service cheaper than that of your competitors. This is an easy way to have more sales and customers, which can then upgrade to premium plans. People also switch for price reasons.

Number 3: Make your service exclusively relevant to your target audience. This might be by targeting the people in your area who would benefit the most from your service.

Number 4: Be human. No one wants some product which looks like it was designed by bots for bots. Spice it up a little. Add some colour. If your product is boring, there is no way for it ever to stand out.

Number 5: Market properly. More on that later in this article. Marketing is a crucial aspect for you to show your customers how you are different from the rest, be it with a catchy slogan or a beautiful image.

Once you have brainstormed what you want your product/service to be, you can move on to actually developing it.

Having an amazing product is essential for your business to succeed. No one wants to buy something terrible, and with good reason.

Test, test and test until you have fine-tuned it. You want it to be as good as possible for you to attract as many customers as possible.

Once your product/service is ready, don’t wait too long of a time before launching it. You don’t want to lose the positive mentality & the hope, otherwise, it will show in your business.

Try not making the initial launch too big of a deal. Especially if you are dealing with a local market – if everyone hears about you and the thing you offer is a flop, it will be hard to regain their attention.

Once you know the product is good, however, make a big deal out of it. Market and try to gain as many customers as possible. Let me show you some ways to do this.

Market Your Business Like Crazy

On a local scale, this is more needed than you think! Sure, word spreads around faster, but you want everyone to know you exist.

Use all the local marketing tools available: be it billboards on the highway, station, bus stop… or even using digital ad tools to zoom into your zone.

Starting a small, successful business from home cannot work if too few people actually know that it’s there – the importance of marketing can never be understated.

Marketing, however, costs money. So, I’ve made a short list on how to market both with and without money.

With money:

Number 1: Target customers effectively with your ads. Use tools such as Facebook, Google and Reddit to find and target your audience.

These targeted ads are money well spent: not only do you only spend it on potential customers, but they are actually relevant to the user – making their willingness to buy higher.

These ads are great when you can afford them. They skyrocket your sales if done effectively, and are one of the best ways to market anything.

Number 2: Pay for relevant people to shout you out. Studies show you are a lot more likely to buy if a product has been recommended by someone you trust. If these people shout you out, you can easily convert.

Number 3: The Billboard Indoctrination Strategy. Billboard spaces are usually quite cheap. If your target customers pass by them, with your catchy slogan, they will begin to associate your industry, to you.

This is obviously great when starting a business from home. You can get so many customers with these different strategies.

Without money:

Number 1: Get traffic to your website. This can be done without ads if your content is good enough. Go on relevant social media posts, talk about why your product is so good and link to it.

You want it to be relevant, though. No one likes spam or poor advertising. It is also bad for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) if you do.

You can also scour the web for websites you think might help your business. Do something small for them, and they might link to your content if you ask politely.

Number 2:

Scaling Up

Last, but by no means least, comes the process of scaling up. Once you have reached the stage where you have fine-tuned everything, gotten customers and your business is finally striving…

It is the opportunity for your business to stay the dominant one in your home/local area. And, to ensure this, here’s what you need to do.

You need to deliver on what you promised. If you have followed this guide properly, you should’ve created an amazing product/service.

And then, you will have marketed it well. So, once your message has been conveyed, you need to keep its good reputation.

What do I mean by that?

You want your brand to stay known as having the best quality or the cheapest price or being the most relatable.

Losing all of your clients is never a good thing in business. Endeavour to provide top quality products/services, get good reviews etc.

You don’t o for a service which lets you down. Let’s face it, you probably don’t buy something horrible twice.

Not only that, but you then can’t get any new customers. Focus on the reliability and reviews of your business going forward.

That’s it for now. This is my first blog post here; let me know how I did in the comments & share this guide!

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