How To Work From Home Well and Effectively During Covid-19: Full Guide

You are probably aware of the coronavirus situation. It has quarantined all of us, and confined us to our home. With this new adjustment, it is important to know how to work from home effectively during Covid-19.

Remote working, telecommuting, or working from home (whatever you want to call it) is the biggest change for workers right now. No one is used to it yet, but it is important to understand how to work from home well during the Covid-19 pandemic.

work from home well during covid-19

Here are our top picks to work from home successfully during the lockdown:

Stay Connected With Your Team

When working from home, it’s vital to stay connected to your team and to design a workflow structure that enables your team to focus on what needs to be done. You need to have shared storage space on the cloud with the ability to share files. Google Drive is a humble giant of a cloud-based application that you can use for free.

Put your files, spreadsheets, presentation into your shared storage space, and they appear on all of your devices. Give everyone in your team an account, and jump-start your work. Routine and workflow structure are crucial to be productive while working from home.

Do the most important work when you feel most energised, especially if you’re a slow starter. You can also create a more effective list of priorities by making a to-do list, so that the truly important jobs will be prioritised. Time Captis, for example, is a great app to organise and manage tasks, calendar events and to-do lists.

work from home coronavirus

Video conferences are essential right now to reassure, motivate and calm your team. Use face to face calls with technology like Skype, Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Not everything requires a video chat or a voice call, but and yet some things are more urgent than an email. That’s where team chat comes into play. We do recommend using as much face-to-face calls as possible to keep morale and productivity high.

Plan Your Day Carefully

One thing that makes your office a workplace is the environment. Everyone is dressed formally, and is ready to work. Communication is also a lot easier, since everyone is so close to co-workers.

Due to the coronavirus, this work environment is now gone, at least for the time being. You need to recreate it to be more productive and accomplish more in your day.

There are a few ways of doing this. If your home has a desk far from your bedroom, use it. Your bed is not something you should be working on, as you are more likely to get distracted.

Since you are at home, you can do everything you want to. Don’t. Stay focused on your work like you would at your office. Otherwise, you won’t be able to put your head down and accomplish your tasks.

To make sure that you are staying on schedule, use a spreadsheet or a piece of paper. Set realistic timings for task completion, and work to stay on time! That way, you are less likely to spend your time on useless things

Avoid Feeling Isolated

Even with these tools, the transition from an office to a home environment can be forced and abrupt, and some people may struggle to adapt to the change.

With the coronavirus, you there are many more people are in the house, so that creates an additional problem. For example, parents will find it hard to work when their children are at home because the schools are closed.

plan your day

Prolonged isolation can also affect morale and productivity. For that reason, We suggest doing the social, office-type activities you would normally do. For example, you could try a virtual pizza party or a remote happy hour through Skype.

Don’t get me wrong, these are stressful times. All the news and panic can get in the way of work. However, the more effort you put into communicating with your co-workers, the more likely you are to develop depression from feeling isolated.

In Conclusion

Solving the problem of working from home requires as much face-to-face interaction online as possible. We think that solutions to this problem include face-to-face interaction online as much as possible via video calls, regular check-ups by management (especially for employees who live alone and may feel isolated), and regular meetings with no agenda, such as regular meetings over coffee or drinks.

If you’re a manager, it’s your responsibility to communicate clearly and maintain morale. It’s easy to feel stressed and depressed these days. If you are a business owner, recognise that there are stresses and difficulties. Your job is to be a cheerleader for your team.

That’s especially important if people are going to be working from home for more than a few weeks, and the potential for that is obvious. It sets some sort of standard.. It’s a good way to keep people engaged, and so, not to suffer so much from the pandemic.

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